About this crisis

This unprecedented event changes our lifes, and has a significant impact on business. Only by limiting our exposure, and taking all the necessary safety measures, will we ensure a quick and effective phase-out.

As part of the prevention and fight against SARS-CoV-2, CASTEELS has taken certain measures to guarantee the safety of its staff, while ensuring continuous service to its customers.

Staff members who wished to limit their exposure as much as possible were authorized to take leave in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Staff members who have indicated that they want to be available at the workplace will provide minimum service for processing, preparing, packing, shipping and billing orders.

To our customers

Orders are received & confirmed as usual. Your sales or technical contact may be working from the office or from home: please give priority to email exchanges.

Packing and shipping may require a little additional delay, as we're working on limited staff : we invite you to place your orders a few days earlier than usual to avoid these delays.

Some of our suppliers are termporarily shutdown, which could lead to some products shortages. Please understand that orders are processed on First-In, First-Out basis, with priority to industrial production plannings. Should your warehouse or production plant be actually shutdown, we will continue accepting your orders, prepare and pack them, then wait for your information to ship them.

We are obviously not visit our customers, and would decline any meeting request. Yet, our sales agents are available by email and mobile phone at any time: feel free to contact them.

To our suppliers & partners

Our purchasing team working as normal, should it be from the office of from home: we continue to place orders as usual.

Should your company be on temporary shutdown, or impacted in any other way (material or staff shortage, slowed down logistics,...), please let us know so that we can adapt.

Stay connected...

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