Covid-19: customers information

As part of the prevention and fight against Covid-19, the CASTEELS group has taken certain measures to guarantee the safety of its staff, while ensuring minimum service to its customers.


Staff members who wished to limit their exposure as much as possible were authorized to take leave in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Staff members who have indicated that they want to be available at the workplace will provide minimum service for processing, preparing, packing, shipping and billing orders.


The office staff members remain available, but could be working from home, alternately.

Commercial agents will not visit customers : they can still be reached by phone and email.

In the event that no office staff member can be present during business hours, a call diversion will be setup towards one of the teleworkers. Howeber, we recommend that you preferably contact your usual contact by email.

The situation is likely to cause short delays in the processing and delivery of your orders : we advice you to place your orders earlier than usual.

These measures, which may change over time depending on governmet decisions in France or Belgium, must allow us, and allow you to continue working and serving your customers.

We kindly invite you to check our website, our facebook page or our linkedIn page for possible updates.

We hope that your colleagues, your family and your loved ones are safe, and invite you to respect the essential health instructions.