Insulated terminals (Boxes)

Eye terminals (box)

M3 to M10 - Double­crimping terminals.
SKU ColorsDimensionsWiring mm²DescriptionPacking
US.0633 M30.5 ~ 1.0100pcs (box)
US.0634 M40.5 ~ 1.0100pcs (box)
US.0635 M50.5 ~ 1.0100pcs (box)
US.0636 M60.5 ~ 1.0100pcs (box)
US.0638 M80.5 ~ 1.0100pcs (box)
US.0653 M31.0 ~ 2.5100pcs (box)
US.0654 M41.0 ~ 2.5100pcs (box)
US.0655 M51.0 ~ 2.5100pcs (box)
US.0656 M61.0 ~ 2.5100pcs (box)
US.0658 M81.0 ~ 2.5100pcs (box)
US.0660 M101.0 ~ 2.5100pcs (box)
US.0674 M44.0 ~ 6.0100pcs (box)
US.0675 M54.0 ~ 6.0100pcs (box)
US.0676 M64.0 ~ 6.0100pcs (box)
US.0678 M84.0 ~ 6.0100pcs (box)
US.0680 M104.0 ~ 6.0100pcs (box)

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