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Portable LED work light 12/24V

Portable extra worklight, magnetic with spiral cord and cigar lighter plug.
Excellent quality - delivered in heavy duty storage & transport box.

Characteristics :

  • 58 ° beam Brightness
  • 1,500 lm
  • Neodymium magnet attachment
  • Spiral cord + cigarette lighter
  • ON / OFF switch


  • Agriculture, trucks, commercial vehicles, tow trucks, etc ...
  • Ideal to temporarily illuminate a work area that can not be lit by a projector attached to the vehicle (repairs, work on the vehicle or around, loading / unloading, off-road, etc ...).
  • Ideal in case of breakdown, puncture, or to mount snow chains...
SKU DescriptionSwitchHandleFasteningBodyMirrorIP
TM.L51656 With spiral cord and cigarette lighter plug.
Delivered in a transport box.
watertightyesNeodymium magnetPCPC67