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Long range LED projectors 3000 & 4000lm

Used to illuminate working space near vehicles.

The projectors comply with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. They do not emit electro magnetic interference as well as they are resistant to it'sinfluence. Correct polarity required.

Mounting: as a free standing on body panels. They can be installed in an up right or up side down position.
The bracket parts are made of Inox steel.

SKU lumenIPConnectorCableFixing
800/53514 3000IP67, IP69KDeutsch DT-
800/53534 3000IP67, IP69KAMP SuperSeal 1,5-Omega
800/53604 4000IP67, IP69KDeutsch DT-


Technical data:
Dimensions: 176x87x86mm
Luminous flux of the LED module: 3000lm
Luminous flux of the lamp: 3200lm, 2400lm
Maximum power: 40W, 35W
Nominal voltage: 12V - 24V DC
Permissible power supply volatge: 10.5V - 30V DC
Source of light: 10 x LED
Colour temperature: 5700 - 7000K
Light distribution angle: 4°
IP rating: IP67, IP69K, IP66
Work temperature: -40°C - +80°C
Housing's material: aluminium
Lens' material: plastic
Built-in connectors: AMP Faston 250, Deutsch DT, AMP Superseal 1.5
Protection: against overheating or against reverse polarisation