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Windshield wiper motors - Type 411

Technical data:
- 1 or 2 speed motor
- With automatic stop (adjustable)
- With interference filter (EMC)
- Without heat protection
- Without switch

Ma: 28,0 Nm
Md: 3.5 Nm
12V: 3.5A
24V: 1.7A

SKU VAnglePPSPDInterSwitchE (mm)E1 (mm)H (mm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)DFGWWDSn RPMMax L (mm)
TM.98.6781 1280°2----6010-M20x1-60A12xM81132/501010 mm
TM.98.6783 1270°2----8030-M20x1-60A12xM81132/501050 mm
TM.98.6786 1270°2----11060-M20x1-60A12xM81132/501050 mm
TM.99.6781 2470°2----6010-M20x1-60A12xM81132/501050 mm
TM.99.6783 2470°2----8030-M20x1-60A12xM81132/501050 mm
TM.99.6786 2470°2----11060-M20x1-60A12xM81132/501050 mm
TM.98.7061 1270°1----11060-M20x1-60A12xM88321050 mm
TM.98.8489 1280°1----8030-M20x1-60A12xM88321010 mm
TM.98.9111 1290°2----6010-M20x1-60A12xM81132/50925 mm
TM.98.9113 1290°2----8030-M20x1-60A12xM81132/50925 mm
TM.98.9116 1290°2----11060-M20x1-60A12xM81132/50925 mm
TM.99.9111 2490°2----6010-M20x1-60A12xM81132/50925 mm
TM.99.9113 2490°2----8030-M20x1-60A12xM81132/50925 mm
TM.99.9116 2490°2----11060-M20x1-60A12xM81132/50925 mm

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