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On shop.casteels.fr you will find our entire range of over 7,000 items of equipment, accessories and tools.


Our new e-commerce site now allows you to know the exact stock status (on D-1) of each item.

You will find more information about our products and their technical specifications. This information will be updated gradually.

It is now possible to consult in detail the status of your orders: confirmed, shipped, invoiced.

Among other new features, you can now also place your orders more quickly, using favourites lists and downloading your order form in .csv format.


We reserve our products and services for professional customers.
All non B2B requests will be rejected.

The opening of a CASTEELS France customer account is not automated: your request will be analysed and checked by a customer manager before its possible approval.

Please fill in the account application form as completely as possible, so that we can contact you quickly and define together the best offer for your needs.

Frequently asked questions & support

My old login details are no longer valid

The login method for our new e-Shop differs from our previous e-commerce site.

If you have not yet received your new login and temporary password, please contact us: we will activate your new account within 24 hours. But before contacting us, please check your junk mail first.

Already a customer, I would like to obtain an e-Shop access

If you are already an account customer, it is possible for you to obtain e-Shop login details.

Please contact us: we will activate your e-Shop account within 24 hours.

I want to open a customer account

To open a customer account, nothing could be easier, just follow the different steps explained on this page.

I forgot my e-Shop password
  • Click on the Login link.
  • In the login window, click on "Reset password".
  • In the next window, enter your username.

If your username matches an entry in our database, an email will be sent to the corresponding address.

In this email you will find a unique link allowing you to activate the password reset: click on this link, and enter your new user password.

I forgot my e-Shop login

If you have forgotten your login details, please contact us. Together we will restore your login data to our e-Shop.

I would like to add users

For the same customer account, it is possible for us to provide e-Shop access to several employees. Please contact your account manager, who will determine with you the different accesses to be granted.

Tips for using the e-Shop

Favourite products and favourites lists

It is now possible to create and manage lists of favorite items.

The management of your favorites lists is accessible via the main menu: My data > My favorites.

You can create new lists, for example to isolate seasonal products, references linked to a project, or why not to organize the favorites by collaborator/manager/buyer.

You can view and edit the contents of your favorites lists:

To add an article to your favorites, from the category pages or from the article card, simply select the list in which the article should be added (by default "My favorites"), then click on the star.


Import a purchase order

It is now possible to upload an order.

To do so, click on the "shopping cart" icon on the right of the main menu, then on "Import cart".

The file to be imported must meet the following requirements:

  • file format: .csv
  • content:
    • 1 line of headers:
      • Item code
      • Quantity
    • as many lines as items to order
      • Our reference
      • The quantity desired


For your convenience, we invite you to download this sample file.

Add a new delivery address

When you place your order, you can choose a delivery method:

  • Either collection from our warehouse in Doudeville (France), by yourself or by the carrier of your choice. A representative will contact you when your order is prepared to arrange collection.
  • Either delivery to a known address linked to your customer file.
  • Either delivery to a new address, which may be temporary or to be added to your list of delivery addresses for future use. In order for the address to be saved, please tick the "Save this address" box.

Using item filters

At each level of navigation in our catalogue, you can refine the results displayed, through item groups (subcategories) and item filters.

The filter options are displayed on the left of the main area, indicating the number of matching items.


View your order status

You can now follow the status of your orders in real time. To do this, go to My Data > My Orders in the main menu.

You can filter the results by date, or search for an order number (our confirmation number), or an external reference (your reference number given when you placed the order).

The documents go through several states:

  • In process: orders registered and processed, in preparation, or partially delivered.
  • Delivered: orders that have been fully shipped, with no backorders.
  • Invoiced: orders fully delivered and invoiced.

NB: a document keeps the status of any line with the lowest status. An order that has been fully delivered, with the exception of one item, therefore retains the status "in process".

You can access the details of each document, and view the status of each order line in real time, which can be

  • BO: quantity not immediately deliverable, kept in backorder
  • In collection: quantity being prepared by one of our warehouse staff.
  • Picked up: quantity prepared by one of our warehousemen, and being packed.
  • Invoiced: quantity delivered and invoiced.

For further information on the status of your orders, please contact your customer manager.

Get a copy of your documents

You will soon be able to download documents related to your orders (order confirmation, shipping note, invoice copy).

This feature is not yet available.

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