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O-ring extractors

  • The tool avoids to damage the toric seals, annular groove or the surface finish.
  • The rounded spoon tip allows easy removal of seals without damaging the surface or the seal itself.
  • Soft, streamlined handle for comfort and control.
  • Two spoon configurations (one curved and one straight) and two blade lengths allow removal of seals in most situations.
  • The spoons do not cut to avoid any risk of claws.
  • The applications are multiple as there are O-rings, cups and seals in the automotive sector, civil engineering, industrial machinery, industry, construction etc.
  • Very useful on pumps, racks, transmissions, brake calipers and pistons, all hydraulic systems of pistons for elevators, jacks, machine tools.
  • Length: 2 pcs to 203mm, 2 pcs to 127mm
  • Tips: 2 profiled spoon pcs, 2 straight spoon pcs
  • Industrial CRV steel rod, black finish.
SKU Description
BV.52098 Set of 4 O-ring extractors CRV steel, black finish.
Delivered with cover.