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Rechargeable LED safety lights

  • Highly efficient and visible safety Orange LED lamp, with 9 lighting options. Light from 5hr to 60hr (see packaging for details).
  • Compact design (Ø 11cm), very resistant to crushing, explosion: car rolls over, equipped with powerful magnets to hang on the vehicle (without scratching!). 
  • Thermoplastic rubber casting, waterproof, corrosion resistant and floats on water.
  • Rechargeable on mains / cigarette lighter thanks to a connector with magnet supplied (easy to use, magnet the connector on pole - and pole +, so no plug or requirement to open the lamp!
Ideal for:
  • Preventing road accidents and emergency traffic.
  • Car breakdown.
  • Agricultural machinery (tractors, trailers, etc.).
  • Boats (accidents, location, etc.).
  • Extreme sports.
  • Hikers walking along the roads, or when lost.
SKU Description
BV.52121 Orange LED color under blister
BV.52168 Blue LED color in box
BV.52169 Red LED color in box
BV.52279 Orange LED color in box (without flashlight)

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